Since 2000, InforServ started working with our customers, presenting, studying and executing the best solutions in the area of information technologies for our customers.

The passion for new technologies, pro-activity, the constant research and development of solutions for our customers, is the key to our success. Having thus guaranteed the total satisfaction of our customer portfolio.

In 2011 we started working with our biggest client currently "Quintas de Óbidos Country Club". We were acquiring the best customer needs and applying the best solutions, in order to optimize all existing systems, making them faster, more practical, efficient and economical. InforServ has adapted all existing systems so that they can be monitored and operated remotely, through applications for mobile devices, as well as for web browsers. We thus obtain a significant reduction of energy costs mainly.

All this work was recognized by our client, and in 2020 we signed an exclusivity contract, where we guarantee the operation of the "Quintas de Óbidos Country Club" 365 days a year.